Our partner, Patrick McGill, Executive Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer at Indianapolis-based Community Health Network, talks to Health Leaders Media about the health system’s digital health strategy and success in attracting consumers.

“The more self-service tools that we can put onto this platform, that’s one more phone call (from a confused patient) that doesn’t have to be made,” McGill says.” Or one more patient who will continue a relationship with CHNw instead of looking elsewhere.”

Key Takeaways Mentioned

  • With more consumers shopping online for care, healthcare organizations need to adopt a digital health strategy that emphasizes convenience and easy access.
  • That strategy begins with a comprehensive digital front door that enables consumers to search for the care they need and gain access to appropriate resources and services.
  • A health system can turn consumers into patients by offering them the information and services they’re seeking, then enticing them to continue the conversation about their healthcare journey.

Check out the full interview with Dr. Patrick McGill with Health Leaders. 

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