Acquire more patients at the point of discovery, instantly.


Acquire patients at the point of discovery, instantly.

Extend your digital borders and influence how patients find, consider and select care.

Fast Pages

Get superhero speed to capture patients


Multi-Channel Syndication

Skip the wait with one-click scheduling


Fast Pages

Mobile is the new battleground, and speed is the difference maker.

Patients have little patience for slow experiences and abandon pages that take more than 3 seconds to load. No matter how complex, DexCare delivers a stunning web experience, using 10X less data, that loads in a blink.

New and returning patients are won or lost in seconds.

Demand attention

Guarantee that your website is elegant and fast, increasing engagement from acquisition channels.

Achieve superhero speed

Deliver an instant first impression, keeping patients in the fast lane to increase conversions.

Modern content delivery

Use a trusted collection of CDNs for immediate scale and reliability, along with total cache management.

Optimize the full funnel

Blanket Google and promote top-of-funnel pages to attract new patients.

Total synchronization

Automatic and programmatic content synchronization with your existing CMS.


More traffic

0.6 Sec.

Page load time


Abandonment reduction

Multi-Channel Syndication

“Near me” searches have increased 200% Do you stand out?

Effective Google business listings improve visibility, accessibility and, done right, enhance patient acquisition and satisfaction. Our insider track enables us to inject real-time scheduling directly into local listings, removing steps and friction to access care.

Dynamic availability

Real-time awareness for one-click scheduling to providers, clinics, and virtual care.

Care portfolio management

Manage your entire ecosystem of care, across multiple listings, to ensure real-time availability.

Grow your online presence

Claim, manage, and easily optimize Google business listings from one location.

Ready to dive in?

See firsthand how DexCare expands markets and attracts a new pool of patients.

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“Speed on mobile is not a luxury, it’s a must have. And with mobile usage surpassing desktop, a slow experience leads to lost customers, lower conversions, and wasted opportunity.”

— Madison Miner, chief user growth officer, DexCare

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