Time is our most precious resource

This is especially true in healthcare.

Innovative health systems across the U.S. use DexCare to find time. We help them ensure patients discover care faster, shorten patient waits, flexibly match access across care settings, thoughtfully and efficiently apply clinical expertise, create superior patient-clinician experiences, and ultimately deliver better health.

By matching patients to the right clinician, at the right time, in the right setting, DexCare breaks the unsustainable cycle of shortages and long waits, finding more time for what is really important.

DexCare works for health systems because it was built inside one

DexCare launched from within Providence to fill a critical gap in the technology landscape — balancing supply and demand by amplifying existing marketing, IT, and operational infrastructure. In 2022, we acquired Womp to bring the best of eCommerce to healthcare.

We envision a world where all consumers enjoy exceptional access to the best expertise to prevent, treat, and cure illness.

Over $146M invested in by leading healthcare funds

Leaders from top healthcare, technology, and eCommerce brands

DexCare’s leadership team brings together cross-functional expertise from leading organizations, including Amazon, Deloitte, Epic, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Johnson&Johnson, Intuitive, Expedia, and Adobe.

Our Board of Directors