Intelligent solutions for health system transformation

We co-design our solutions with your teams to expand patient access while also solving the toughest operational challenges. Shorten waits, flexibly match across care settings, thoughtfully apply clinical expertise, and create superior experiences. Ultimately, helping you find time to deliver the best care, at scale.

Find time for health system optimization

Balance supply and demand system-wide for sustainable growth and management.

Health Systems

Find time for better clinician utilization

Help clinicians care for more patients more effectively and efficiently.


Find time for patient discoverability

Help patients discover the right care more quickly, easily, and accurately.


Health Systems

Leverage the DexCare platform to build innovative solutions

Health systems are facing massive digital disruption, a sea change in patient consumerization of healthcare, abandonment of traditional digital front doors, and significant clinical attrition. Every system is unique, which is why DexCare not only offers flexible out-of-the-box offerings, but also delivers tailored, end-to-end co-developed solutions to serve your patients, clinicians, and system more cost effectively and sustainably.

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Foster exceptional clinician and patient relationships

Clinicians are burning out and leaving healthcare in unprecedented numbers, creating an imbalance between supply and demand in health systems. As a result, patients and clinicians both suffer: patients, from long waits to find the right care, and clinicians, from managing the additional, mismatched workload. By helping health systems load balance and optimize top-of-license, DexCare appropriately and precisely matches patients based on acuity, clinician availability, and other factors to orchestrate the best care. Scalable solutions can be optimized for a single service line or across your entire system.

Modernize your care offerings with the convenient, on-demand virtual care your patients are looking for. Provide scalable care, via phone or video, and optimize your capacity across your clinician pool. Serve more patients, seamlessly.

Enable your patients to book appointments for same-day care—from urgent care to specialized support— with a high-converting, white-labeled scheduling solution. Our technology integrates with your EHR and surfaces available time slots on your clinic’s page while balancing load across your clinics. Patients go from Google to available appointments in two clicks – leading to the highest booking flow conversion in the industry.

Speed up the ability for patients to book appointments with a primary care clinician with a white-labeled, high-converting scheduling solution that taps into your EHR and surfaces available appointments. Increase patient access and satisfaction by presenting best available options so they get care sooner. Automated capacity optimization balances the load across clinicians.

Shorten wait for patients, enable your specialist team to work at top-of-license, and reduce cost of care. Our scheduling solution enables patients to get access to specialty care sooner. A series of custom questions, incorporated into the booking process, ensures patients are matched to the right level of care, based on their needs, decisioning logic, and capacity of your health system—leading to more satisfied patients and clinicians.


Make it easier for patients to find you and quickly get to the right care

Consumerization in healthcare has fundamentally changed the way patients search for care. DexCare helps patients skip the frustration, confusion, and endless questions with a merchandising-inspired “shoppable” experience that delivers care options quickly.

Rapid loading, consumer-facing digital and mobile experiences, purpose-built to drive traffic and conversion by exceeding the most important determinants of ranking and promotion on search, listing, and other websites.

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Next-generation search engine for health system digital front doors, apps, and other websites that empowers users to find care quickly and effectively via modern search capabilities and a frictionless consumer experience.

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Intelligently matches care options to consumers by balancing the goals of patients, clinicians, and health systems, and then features the best fit recommendations in Fast Pages, One Search and other consumer-facing experiences throughout the care journey. Consumers never see a dead-end, and health systems extend the capacity of their resources, balance supply and demand, and grow sustainably.

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