Access and resource management wrapped up into a scalable, virtual care platform.


Manage resources with a scalable, virtual care platform.

DexCare Virtual OnDemand is a high velocity video platform providing the ability for patients to be queued, booked, and seen for a virtual visit.

DexCare’s Virtual OnDemand is a high-velocity video platform to easily queue, book, and see patients, while balancing workforce capacity.


ED hours diverted annually


Average NPS score

7 min.

average visit duration

Accelerate and Expand

Faster care, only a “tap” away.

DexCare’s intuitive platform enhances patient access by enabling remote consultations, eliminating travel, and reducing wait times. The platform accommodates diverse schedules to ensure prompt care and to boost overall efficiency and satisfaction.

Optimize Capacity

Reduce overhead and balance resources.

DexCare’s Caregiver Portal allocates patients into queues based on your business guidelines and our proprietary intelligent-matching models. Multi-credential flexibility allows NPs and PAs to help address unmet demand, while letting physicians practice at top of license.

Smart Waiting Room

Cross-sell to give patients added choice.​

Conveniently, within the virtual waiting room, DexCare’s Gen-AI assistant guides patients through related and timely services. From selecting a primary care provider and clinically appropriate screenings to exploring wellness classes, DexCare delivers an enhanced, whole-health experience.

Seamless access.Anytime, anywhere.

It’s fast, white-labeled and turn-key, purpose-built to increase access with the same clinical resources.

Demand Proof

Overflow pools to manage resources

Built to Scale

Optimize clinician pool capacity


Auto-route to best, most available care

Easy Access

Cross sell services in virtual waiting room

Save Time

Minimize provider overhead

Data Driven

Improve delivery and track use

Skip the wait.

Get the industry's fastest, most intuitive virtual platform and amaze patients with total convenience.

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“Enduring companies like DexCare establish the bedrock infrastructure to reduce waste, to increase access, and to have the digital awareness to allocate an entire ecosystem of care.”

— Dr. Patrick McGill, chief transformation officer, Community Health Network

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