Your capacity optimization platform

Orchestrate the logistics of digital-care delivery
to unlock hidden capacity

Orchestrate digital care delivery to unlock hidden capacity

Forecast and predict demand, and manage how and where care
is merchandised to consumers – throughout the digital ecosystem.

Forecast demand, and manage how and where care is merchandised to consumers.

Move from find care to get care

Data intelligence to merchandise your care portfolio

To unleash a consumer-first experience, a deep understanding of supply and demand is mission-critical. It’s knowing real-time capacity to merchandise services based on demand swings. It’s anticipating consumer behaviors and preferences. And, it’s having the data visibility into how capacity and utilization affect costs.

DexCare is the operating system to balance your digital inventory to acquire, convert, and deliver pathways to care that provide the best outcomes, for you and your consumers.

Your care orchestration command center

Rightly match reasons for visit to
best-fit, highest-quality care

Guide customers to the best avenues of care. Use the DexCare platform to set thresholds, prioritize limited or expiring inventory, and to merchandise the right care.

The result is tight orchestration of limited resources to balance capacity, optimize costs, and delight consumers.​

Track, forecast, grow

The data intelligence to measure impact over time

Intelligence to measure impact over time

Use historical and real-time data to anticipate demand spikes, to prepare for seasonal shifts, and to achieve revenue clarity.

DexCare provides the data linkages between the allocation of care – across services, physicians, nurses and modalities – and your system’s cost base and workforce utilization.

Modernization made easy

Integrate with enterprise systems without a rewrite

Our API first design means interoperability is baked in. We take care of the heavy lifting, and integrate with clinical and administrative systems, to increase speed to market.​

Make healthcare more accessible

Merchandise care to consumers to
improve health outcomes and drive growth

Merchandise care, improve outcomes, drive growth

Remove friction to seamlessly route consumers to the best-fit, highest-quality care.

Remove friction to route consumers to the best avenues of care.

Enterprise grade, scalable and easy to onboard

Built on data intelligence to delight consumers

Frictionless Bookings
High-converting patient scheduling experience

Virtual Care
Deliver care to your patients in minutes, seamlessly

Data Intelligence
Intelligently navigate to the best care with ML and predictive models

Advanced Analytics
See trends, assess insights, and drive continuous improvement

How it works

The DexCare platform comes standard with multimodal components that help you achieve your goals and fulfill your mission.

From API- and SDK-led integrations and a self-service administration portal, to an analytics dashboard, DexCare is committed to extending the capabilities of your current IT infrastructure and delivering your team actionable insights. Our ability to integrate with your existing technology stack feeds our personalized and powerful decisioning capabilities, which are available in a range of solutions purpose-built to solve specific challenges, quickly.

Our disciplined process allows us to deliver successful 90-day implementations in a market where 6–9 months is standard.

Platform components

Develop a retail storefront for a modernized patient experience

Our merchandising capabilities coupled with deep eCommerce, UX, and design experience enable you to optimize your health system digital front door to improve discoverability and conversion, both for scheduling appointments and for on-demand virtual care.

Intelligently navigate to the best care with machine learning and predictive models

Our platform leverages advanced data science techniques to ensure patient desires and needs are balanced with health systems’ sustainability and other objectives. It enables the powerful intelligent navigation and capacity optimization unique to the platform. Search powered with Natural Language Processing (NLP) helps consumers quickly and efficiently find care. Based on data from one million visits, the reason for visit analyzer enables intelligent routing of patients to the best care options based on intent.

Market-leading self-scheduling patient experience

White-labeled digital patient intake with seamless collection of demographics, reason for visit, and insurance information to enable health systems to match patients with the right clinician.

Deliver care to your patients in minutes, seamlessly

Whether by phone or video, you can provide on-demand virtual care that patients love with our white-labeled, turnkey virtual capability. Our intuitive, end-to-end virtual platform offers scalable care for patients while optimizing capacity across your clinician pool. Patients are routed based on your specific business guidelines with our proprietary intelligent matching models.

We take care of the heavy lifting, freeing up your resources

DexCare integrates with health systems’ EHR and care delivery technologies, thereby enabling you to leverage your investments in more effective ways for patient acquisition and resource optimization.

See trends, assess insights, and continuously improve

Analytics experts work with your team to develop insightful dashboards with rich, informative analytics such as visit data, clickstream analytics, clinician performance metrics, and patient experience ratings. Your team has a command center at their fingertips to gauge performance and help your organization improve patient acquisition and align system capacity with patient demand.

Easy management of DexCare solutions

Our self-service portal and tools make it easy to add new clinicians, change clinical operations information, update key metadata for providers and staff, and more.

Seamless identity management

DexCare provides a consumer-level account for easy new patient access, and allows for federation to existing patient identity systems.