Sara Vaezy, EVP Chief Strategy and Digital Officer at Providence, talks to Woebot Health about the critical role that digital innovation and strategy play in driving sustainable growth and discusses the origin of DexCare and our focus on patient access.

“When you talk about access optimization with the Dexcare team, it’s about three things.

  • The first is discovery. So again, ensure that in an environment where access and the services available to a patient or a consumer are complex and may be fragmented, make that discovery experience smooth, easy, and frictionless.
  • The second thing it does is navigate patients or consumers to the right option based on data-driven intelligence. And based on what they know about consumer intent and preference and motivation, based on what they know about clinical appropriateness, based on what they know about the operations of a health system, they’ll navigate the patient.
  • And then the third thing is matching supply to demand. So you don’t want to navigate folks to a venue or modality of care, virtual or physical, that doesn’t have the capacity.

And so that’s what Dexcare does. It’s fundamentally those three things. And they optimize access and drive sustainable growth for health systems through these three steps.

So we incubated that company. We started working on the technology in approximately 2017. And then, in 2021, Derek and Sean took the company out and raised independent venture capital. They just announced actually a couple of weeks ago their Series C. So they’ve raised about $150 million to date.

We, as Providence, are customers. We use their platform, but we also have a bit of equity in the company. But really, what’s important to us is the strategic value we get out of these organizations because they are designed to and built with the health system problems in mind.”

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