Providence Improves Digital Access to Care for Consumers - Drives 30% Increase in Acquisition of New Patients to the Health System.

About Providence

Providence is a national, not-for-profit Catholic health system comprising a diverse family of organizations and driven by a belief that health is a human right. With 52 hospitals, over 1,000 physician clinics, senior services, supportive housing, and many other health and educational services, the health system and its partners employ more than 120,000 caregivers serving communities across seven states- Alaska, California, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, and Washington, with system offices in Renton, Wash., and Irvine, Calif.

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The challenge

Providence had a fragmented, siloed, inefficient digital health environment. It lacked a unified platform for a cohesive digital care experience for its patients and providers. The organization realized it had to dramatically evolve its existing processes to advance its digital capabilities and expand the reach of service lines into a new, on-demand consumer health care landscape.

For greater operational efficiency and effectiveness, Providence needed advanced, data- driven technology to provide a digital-first approach to care and more specifically, to help obtain new patients into the health system and strategically navigate patients to the most appropriate care setting within the system. For the greatest ROI, Providence wanted the technology to fully integrate with all existing IT investments, while providing the insights needed to optimize the use of internal clinical resources. This kind of health system digital transformation would require technological capabilities that could allow Providence to seamlessly shift resources between in-clinic to telehealth visits, enabling hundreds of thousands of patients received care when they needed it.

The Providence Digital Innovation Group incubated DexCare to address these issues, starting with its ambulatory care network, Express Care. The technology was further proven in the COVID-19 pandemic, with nearly all care settings, venues, and appointments shifting from in-person to virtual or digital. The complexity of care delivery increased and impacted access to care for providers and patients.

The solution

Before going to market, the DexCare platform debuted at the site of its incubation: Providence.

The DexCare platform automatically allocates, scales, and optimizes health system resources to best meet both consumer demand and business goals—expanding the reach of all service lines into a new, digital and on-demand consumer arena.

The platform attracts and caters to healthcare consumers by providing a fully-digitized, unified experience that routes them to their best, most relevant care options while leveraging existing EMR, caregiver and brand investments. DexCare enables leading health systems across the U.S. to significantly increase new patient volume, capture far greater downstream revenue, generate cost savings across patient encounters, and deliver a net promoter satisfaction score greater than 90.

"DexCare was instrumental as we transformed our ambulatory care model to better meet the needs of patients over the past few years. In 2020, scalability of the DexCare platform was instrumental in our response to COVID. We're proud that this internally developed and incubated technology is now ready to be made available to other health systems—furthering the Providence vision of health for a better world."

— Rod Hochman, MD, President and CEO of Providence

Results achieved with DexCare

Since implementing DexCare’s platform powered by data intelligence, Providence has been able to improve digital access to care for consumers, bring significantly more new patients into the health system, retain those patients and increase downstream revenue from the influx of new patients. Providence has achieved the following quantitative improvement metrics with DexCare.


new patient return rate within a year


average net promoter score


estimated administrative savings per digitally-enabled patient with 10% adoption rate


90-day downstream spend by net new patients acquired into the system


scheduling increase in digitally-enabled visits via DexCare's ecosystem


increase in acquisition of net new patients to the health system