Large, Regional Health System Increases Conversion Rate by Modernizing its On-site Search Experience

About the Health System

Located in a very competitive market, this large, regional health system wanted to increase market share in a cost efficient way.

The Challenge

Consumers expect an intuitive search experience when they visit a health system’s website. Modern search gives visitors the control to pinpoint care without the unnecessary hurdles of legacy tools. A  large health system saw an opportunity to help its customers more easily find and select care. They were seeking a single point of access to better match search intent with relevant, real-time results.

The Solution

The health system’s digital team partnered with DexCare to implement Omni Search. Omni Search is a natural language search interface that retrieves the most relevant, available care based on customer search intent. Results are prioritized by proximity to the patient, as well as by providers with capacity appearing above the fold, to further promote relevancy.

"Search is the backbone of any great experience, and Omni Search goes beyond basic keyword results to deliver precise, real-time options based on user intent. The addition of Omni Search has led to more appointments booked and more patients served, while balancing our capacity."

— Senior Director, Digital Marketing

The Results

Since implementing DexCare’s Omni Search capability, it’s much easier for consumers visiting the health system’s website to find location, provider, or telehealth options from a single search bar. Search results are always relevant, and serve up available appointments in real-time which increases conversion and booking.

Consumers can search and self-select care based on a single keyword or phrase. Search results are sorted by availability, and match customer needs. This has improved the overall experience, greatly reduced dead ends, and presents choices to consumers.

The health system has achieved the following quantitative improvement metrics with DexCare.


increase to booking completion rate


higher total conversion rate


of searches now return providers