Help Patients Find Best-Fit Care With Care Navigation

Empower your call center agents by letting them book patient appointments directly within Health Cloud

Book from Salesforce

Agents can search and book across care options (virtual, weekend clinics, urgent care)

Fill Cancellations

Earliest available slots surface first to fill last-minute cancellations


Easily see most convenient location and availability personalized to the patient

Improved Visibility

Improved visibility into open capacity across the system to load-balance resources

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DexCare Omni Search

One search bar is all you need

No more laborious digital patient journeys. With omni search and natural language processing, every search surfaces available slots that are most relevant and timely.

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Care Navigation

Eliminate Dead Ends

Patients don't want to have to answer 20 questions just to hit a dead end. DexCare's philosophy is to surface provider booking slots live on the site so your patients can immediately find the best time, in their preferred venue of care.

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Nudge Patients To Best Fit Care

Nudge Patients To Best Fit Care

Just like rearranging a refrigerator shelf to encourage healthy eating, health systems can implement nudge theory on their website to benefit both patients and the health system. For example, health systems can present virtual care as a top option for low acuity searches.

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