VentureSprout features DexCare’s Derek Streat

This episode of the VentureSprout Podcast features DexCare, a digital health solution that Vizient member Providence founded several years ago to provide on-demand, high-velocity care to patients in multiple venues. Today, DexCare is growing into an integrated, broader capability offering a digitally driven patient experience, from scheduling to delivery. In this two-part series, we’lll hear the story of DexCare from those who experienced it, both the challenges they faced and the advances they’ve made.

Guest speakers:

Sara Vaezy, MHA, MPH

Chief Digital Strategy and Business Development Officer



Derek Streat, BA





Crystal Mullis, RN, MBA, MHA

Vice President and General Manager

Digital, Virtual and Ventures



Chris Pagano, MBA

Senior Consulting Director, Intelligence



Show Notes:

[01:25] Overview of DexCare

[04:53] Seamless connection

[05:28] Components of the solution

[08:37] A more distributed model

[10:02] Transformational impact of model

[13:12] Opening additional access to care