Derek Streat, CEO of Dexcare: $110 Million Raised to Help Health Systems to Find Time for the Best Care

Frontline’s Category Visionaries podcast speaks with Derek Streat, CEO of Dexcare, a healthcare access optimization platform that’s raised over $110 Million in funding, about why connecting healthcare providers and patients is the best way to ensure the highest quality care at the lowest possible per unit cost and ensure a healthier world for everyone. By making care more discoverable online, navigating them to the best options, and being sensitive to the non-clinical elements which comprise a comprehensive patient care environment.

Topics Discussed:

  • Derek’s career in tech, from marketing and adtech to the healthcare sector
  • Why Derek has such a passion for social enterprise, and why he believes that you very much can do well and do good at the same time
  • Why, even in the non-profit space, a business-model mindset is still the best way to successfully deliver for your clients
  • How optimizing access to the right kind of healthcare benefits everyone involved, from getting people the services they need to distributing the burden of care more evenly across the sector
  • Why Derek finds category creation and doing something new is one of the most fun parts of building a business
  • How pain-mapping problems for potential clients should be the first stage in creating your new business category