Access to care through search

Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse

COVID-19 has upended many industries, and healthcare is no exception. And the pressure to invest in digital – and better meet customer expectations – has intensified.

The rules have changed, and customers expect digital ease when self-selecting care. So why is search so rigid across most healthcare websites?

Plain-view search is a fundamental feature in every industry – from ecommerce and travel to insurance – but in healthcare it’s often buried and hidden in the corner. And search is used as a content repository, rather than a tool to narrow the gap between customer intent and care options.

Even worse, as customers stumble through a website and eventually “find a doctor” or select “find a location” the search capabilities are limited. Search often returns zero-results, can’t recognize location, have a weak error tolerance, and fail to capture common queries.

One search bar, all modalities of care

Imagine if a single search bar – located on any page – can capture intent, and return the right level of care. Customers can search to find doctors, locations, same-day care, telehealth – all from one place. Queries can be misspelled and return accurate results. And customers can dig into long-tail queries, like “doctor near me that speaks Spanish” or “next available flu shot” and see accurate, real-time options.

Simple, powerful, and streamlined.

Before the Pandemic, the term “digital transformation” sure seemed like a buzzword. It’s now unavoidable. And search that powers care, while managing inventory, modernizes any healthcare system’s digital front door.

Unify data points for better results

Healthcare doesn’t have to be a stodgy, outdated industry. DexCare’s OmniSearch delivers a customer-centric experience, while smartly connecting your data-point solutions. We tie into your data sets to match providers and locations to better route care – all while smartly managing availability.

Customers want better access to care, and search is the primary tool that they are conditioned to use. It’s everywhere. And it’s now available for healthcare.

Patient access means booked appointments

OmniSearch is a perfect solution for lower acuity patients, retail care, and primary care. It delivers customers with the interaction and results to enable health systems to better compete in a digital-first world.

One multi-state healthcare provider adopted OmniSearch to power provider care, and the results are telling. The addition of intuitive search – the ability to capture user intent – to deliver localized, relevant, and real-time results increased booked appointments by 40 percent.

To make digitally enabled care options work better, search is paramount. OmniSearch grabs customers with ease, while routing available care to make patient access truly frictionless.