Healthcare IT Today kicks off the new year with a series of 2023 Health IT predictions.

Healthcare IT Today asked their community to submit their predictions for 2023 including DexCare’s CEO, Derek Streat.

Derek Streat, Co-Founder & CEO at DexCare
Consumerization of healthcare access is reshaping the industry as we’ve known it. To get and retain patients, health systems have to allow them to find and receive care at the same speed and convenience as they experience reserving a dinner reservation on OpenTable. Almost all industries are characterized by eCommerce traits – digital customization, a merchandising mindset and retail centricity – and these will define the next frontier of healthcare access and the organizations that survive.

Competition is tougher than ever for hospitals and health systems to survive in the consumer-centric healthcare landscape. In 2023, those that will succeed will mirror the eCommerce approach to customer service. Online scheduling isn’t close to enough anymore. The health systems that get and keep patients will be the ones that build and deliver a powerful digital storefront for healthcare access. If your online portal doesn’t mirror that of OpenTable or other consumer champions, then you won’t survive.

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