Strategic partners join a cadre of health systems invested in DexCare, which surpassed 3-million visits scheduled through its care orchestration platform

DexCare, Inc. today announced the addition of three strategic investors, Community Health Network, Tampa General and Texas Health Resources. The partners join a deep bench of health-system investors, including Providence, Kaiser Permanente, and Mass-General Brigham. Backed by industry insiders, DexCare has the capital runway to accelerate market adoption of its care orchestration platform, which enables health systems to serve more patients with the same clinical resources.

The additional partners come as part of DexCare’s Series C funding round led by ICONIQ Growth, which earmarked investment from U.S. health systems.

“Our fragile healthcare infrastructure has reached a tipping point,” said Derek Streat, CEO of DexCare. “Every day, we’re confronted with caring for more Americans, against a backdrop of labor shortages and rising costs. Greater patient access, a capacity of caregivers, and operational efficiency shouldn’t be tradeoffs, and DexCare’s platform achieves the equilibrium to deliver on all three fronts.”

Prior to becoming investors, each health system was – and remains – a DexCare customer.

“DexCare is proving that healthcare can be delivered differently by removing the operational guesswork to ensure patients receive the right care, at the right time, at the right location. We’re untangling decades of patchwork, disparate datasets to expose the digital awareness to operate healthcare in real-time,” said Streat.

DexCare is critical infrastructure for health systems to thrive in a future marked by alternative-care models, an aging population, and growing workforce and wage pressures. The platform provides the data intelligence to manage an entire portfolio of care – from doctors and clinics to virtual and specialty – and dynamically match patient demand against capacity. DexCare delivers operational controls to predict and assign where and how care is routed to increase access while balancing health system resources.

In the state of Indiana, Community Health Network is evidence that greater access to care, alongside a capacity of caregivers, shouldn’t be a compromise, but balanced in concert. Their partnership with DexCare has resulted in a 300 percent increase in virtual care capacity, a 46 percent increase in daily, retail visits, and an increase in patient loyalty with 50 percent returning for additional care within the same year.

“We’re not moving fast enough, as an estimated 11,000 people age into Medicare every day,” said Dr. Patrick McGill, chief transformation officer at Community Health Network. “Enduring companies like DexCare establish the bedrock infrastructure to reduce waste, to increase access, and to have the digital awareness to allocate an entire ecosystem of care. The result is value creation across the health system, from patients and doctors to marketing and finance.”

The company continues to grow and positively impact the healthcare industry. DexCare recently onboarded key customers, including Tampa General, El Camino Health, and SSM Health, and surpassed 3-million patient visits scheduled through its platform, backed by a 60 percent booking-completion rate.

“Improving access to care, while controlling costs is essential for a labor-intensive industry like healthcare,” said Scott Arnold, chief digital and innovation officer at Tampa General Hospital. “DexCare brings the predictive intelligence to grow service areas, to protect finite resources and to direct patients to the best venues of care. DexCare is built for this moment, and we’re proud to join the team.”