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Patient Access:
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  • Acquire more patients when they search for care
  • Improve patient experience by reducing the number of clicks it takes to book an appointment
  • Optimize capacity in real time by directing patients to a favorable location or provider
  • Utilize care orchestration technology to be more efficient with clinical resources

Get insights on how to gain new patients and deliver best-fit care

Get Discovered

Show up before your competition on the channels patients use the most to search and access care

Surface Best-Fit Care Options

Optimize and manage existing resources by routing patients to the right provider and modality based on reason for visit and slot availability

Leverage Real-Time Data

Use historical and real-time data to anticipate demand spikes, to prepare for seasonal shift, and to achieve utilization clarity

Curious to learn more about how DexCare can increase demand while balancing capacity?

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Make your services easily discoverable

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